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SPA Therapy Level 3

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Our Diploma in SPA Therapy is designed to give candidates the required information to be able to efficiently and effectively work in Spas worldwide. The course is designed to give candidates the most...

Course Code: TIAS-SPTL3 

This level is designed to help you gain expertise in the advance SPA treatments. These signature treatments are sure to double your revenue and help you have an upper edge on all other SPA therapist’s  

Course Eligibility:  For Fresher’s Level 1 & 2 is mandatory. For professionals a skill test result will be considered 

Duration: 234 hours (Includes both theory and practical hours) 6 Days a week Monday to Saturday, 3 Hours per day. 78 days  

Examination: Theory Subjective and Objective: 100 marks. Practicals 100 Marks (Candidate should be able to successfully demonstrate all beauty treatments) 

Overview of our Course Syllabus 

1. Orientation & Induction

2. Health & Safety

3. Contribute to the Financial effectiveness of the business

4. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

5. Cytology 

6. Histology 

7. Integumentary system

8. Skeletal system

9. Muscular system

10. Circulatory system (blood & lymph)

11. The nervous system

12. Reproductive system

13. Endocrine system

14. Principles & Practice of Complementary therapies

15. Manual Lymphatic Drainage

16. Stone therapy

17. Lava Shell Massage

18. Bamboo Massage

19. Potli Massage

20. Sports Massage

21. Hopi Ear Candling

22. Bellabaci Cupping Massage

Following are the main objectives of the training program: 

• To provide quality training to those seeking a career as professional SPA therapist.

• To introduce the culture of safe, clean, healthy and pleasant environment at training centers and workplaces; related to SPA & wellness centers. 

• To enhance the economic opportunities for the SPA graduates. 

• To provide improved services to the ever increasing SPA cliental. 

• To develop understanding of the basic principles, properties and application of various types of therapies and their effect on the skin, body and mind

• To impart working knowledge of handling and care of the equipment’s and implements used in SPA Therapy.

• To impart basic knowledge of profession ethics and attitude. 

Career Progression Pathways: 

• Freelancer

• Can join as Masseur / SPA therapist

• Senior SPA Therapist

• Working in Cruise lines or wellness centers or day spa

• SPA Supervisor

• SPA Manager

• SPA Trainer

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